Custom Shoes

How to Paint Canvas Shoes


Custom shoes|how to Paint canvas shoes

Custom Shoe art with Hondo Designs features the story of artist Extraordinaire Alex



1. Find inspiration – I checked out custom painted shoes HERE  for some cool ideas.   Check out my facebook page

2. Design – Design your shoes. You can draw out the shape of the shoes and plan out your design. If it’s more complicated, you can take a picture and use a photo editor (pixlr or photoshop) to create the design.

3. Figure out what materials you will need and if you have them at home, gather them, or if needed, go to your local art store and buy them.

4. Draw design on shoes – Use a thin marker or sharpie to draw out your design on both shoes. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, the paint will cover it.

5. Paint away – paint with a steady hand and take your time. Make sure you have paper towel on hand to prevent drips and mess


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